Doll clothes – Sewing Patterns & Tutorials PDF

Clothes can emphasize your doll’s personality. All the attire contribute to express their uniqueness while showcasing your own style. Over the years while making dolls, I have repeatedly convinced myself how important clothes, fabrics and colors are for the final result. Combining colors and textures, finding fabrics that feels pleasant to the touch and watching them juxtaposed to create a gorgeous doll  definitely creates a worthwhile experience. Making doll clothes could be also a way to keep a garment that carries a precious memory, turning it into something to look at and enjoy every day.

To make the pleasure of making Waldorf dolls complete, I decided to create a category with doll clothes. While planning it, my main focus was to create an accessible tutorials for beginners in sewing. I wanted the person who saw the instructions to be able to orientate themselves immediately and take action with no worries. An image worths a thousand of words, That is why in the lessons each step is illustrated with an image and try to don’t make long and clumsy descriptions.

Clothes for dolls

I have planned to include tutorials to make some of the most basic and common clothes. This models will be made in a way that can be changed to suit your own designs with just slight corrections of the patterns. In the meantime, in the blog I will share some ideas to further diversify these models, for example, new patterns for dress collars, different types of pockets, among other.

It will take time to make all this, so I started with the most popular clothes. You can now download 3 types of dresses, pants with pockets, t-shirt,  buttoned shirt, shoes, socks, etc. I am currently working on a cute hoodie with a zipper and pockets. In the hoodie tutorial I will show you how to shorten a zipper. Next tutorials planned are t-shirt with collar and buttons (polo), bomber jacket, denim jacket (you can see how it looks on the cover of the eBook for how to make a doll), overalls and 2 more models of shoes, pajamas.

All you have to do is to choose the perfect fabrics for your project, and if necessary you can write me to ask for help or suggestions. I think it’s important to note that I’m not going to overwhelm the store with tutorials. Each lesson is strategically planned to provide the necessary basis for your project.