Mix.com for your Business

If you are from USA or Canada, probably you are familiar with the discovery and advertisement web platform StumbleUpon. Its features allowed users to discover and rate web pages, photos and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests. In short – StumbleUpon was one of the last great ways to find good things and easily get web traffic online.  With its 40 million users and 60 billion stumbles the platform have been given a new fresh restart with the easier to remember Mix.com.

Often the best content for you has the overlap of multiple characteristics: its new, several friends like it, it’s related to your personal interests, and it’s trending among people with similar tastes. Mix will rank content based on all of these characteristics, to help identify the best content for you. While some social signals are used in Mix, they aren’t the dominant factor in what you see. Their team promises us that we won’t just seeing the latest or most popular content, but the stuff that they believe we will actually like the most. 

In general, Mix.com is a new cool place to get web traffic or news. MauGifts also registered an account there several days ago, so I hope it to be a good place for our first steps in spreading our love to Waldorf dolls.