Doll Clothes

On the internet there are many sites where you can buy clothes, shoes, socks and materials for your doll. With a few exceptions I make all the clothes for my dolls myself. The creation process is a big part of the pleasure for me. However there are thousands of awesome shoes available that you can get for your doll. These shoes fit perfectly on the feet of 17" (43cm.) dolls.

Below I list a few products selected to inspire you and to demonstrate what a huge variety of quality products there are on the internet. If you want to know where to order some of the products or ones similar to them just contact me. There are also a lot of useful links in my eBooks on How to Make a Doll.

Doll Shoes
Wooden Buttons

Wooden Buttons

USD: 1,50.

50 pieces with different cartoon animals cost me only $1.50, and that is with free shipping. These buttons help a lot if you need to add cute details to clothing, a bag, a hat or even shoes.

doll skirt

Short skirt

USD: 2,00

If your child wants more clothes for their dolly and you are too busy to sew them then this product can help. It has free worldwide shipping and is for 17" waldorf inspired dolls.

doll shoes wings

Sneakers with wings

USD: 4,50

I'm sure that every girl would be happy to get these for her dolly. They come with free worldwide shipping and fit 17" dolls perfectly.

Crocheted Sneakers for Doll

Crocheted sneakers

USD: 4,00

My dolls wear crocheted shoes made by my sister but if you want to buy shoes here are some that I’ve found, they also have free shipping. They fit dolls up to 17".

Sneakers with bunny

Sneakers with bunny

USD: 4,00.

For $4 with free shipping your 17" dolly could go with these to "the Bunny club" :)

doll boy shoes

Sneakers for a boy

USD: 1,50

Here is one suggestion for a boy doll. The last time I checked out this model it was out of stock but if you are searching for something similar I could help.

Reversible Vest

Reversible vest

USD: 3,00

Soon I will make available my own patterns and a guide for this kind of vest. It will fit both doll sizes: (17” & 12").

Ruffles bubble shorts

Ruffles bubble shorts

USD: Not available.

I'm planning to create patterns and guides for these shorts. Till then you can use this photo for inspiration.

Doll Shirt

Pink T-shirt

USD: 1,50

For 17" dolls there is a white version too. I have bought these several times. It has Velcro tape on its back. You can easily add an image printed on transfer paper and make this t-shirt unique.

doll dress


USD: Not available.

I haven't seen this kind of dress for a doll but I'm planning to show you how it’s done in a step-by-step guide with patterns. Imagine sewing something like that in more colorful fabric...