Doll Hoodie


Make your own professional-looking hooded sweatshirt for a Waldorf doll. In this tutorial I also show how to shorten the zipper in case you decide to use materials from an available children’s sweatshirt 🙂

For sewing the top I used a garment that I bought on sale for $4 from a kids store. The pattern is provided in a way to easily change the type of sweatshirt as it can be without a zipper or pockets, but with a print of transfer paper, for example.

The patterns are tailored to the doll making tutorials you can find here – How to Make a Doll.
Step-by-Step Tutorial & Patterns in PDF.
Doll size: 12″(30cm.) & 17″(43cm.)

*The largest pattern size also fits with American Doll and other similar models.